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My new project as the Toronto Craft Beer Examiner

Do you like beer? Do you live in the Toronto area? Do you want to read about what’s going on in the craft beer market? If the answer to any of those questions is “yes,” then I ask you to point your browser to my new project as the Toronto Craft Beer Examiner.

Through, I’ll explore the world of craft beer, with a focus on what’s going on and what’s available in the Greater Toronto Area. Take a look, read my first article that describes what craft beer is and, if you like what you see, please consider subscribing so you get regular updates on new articles.

Introducing the new

Although I’m still learning how to use WordPress and I need to make adjustments to the theme I’ve chosen for the site’s appearance, the new is up and running (and I didn’t even have to resort to using a page forward to Blogspot).

The old site is still live at, but visitors will find it won’t be updated any more. After more than six years with Blogger, I have finally made the move to my own backend system.

For anyone thinking about installing and using WordPress, take it from me that the installation process is simple, easy and fast. While WordPress comes with a basic blogging theme attached, finding a new (and free) theme and uploading it for use can be done with ease and no frustration.

I’m still toying around with the look of the new layout, but what you see here now is basically what you’ll see from now on.

Migration and WordPress

There’s going to be a hiccup in my online presence at the beginning of May as Blogger makes a shift from supporting FTP file transfers to not doing so. As one of the half a percentage point of Blogger users who do use its FTP capabilities to run my website, this is going to cause some difficulties, which will necessitate a two-fold plan.

The first part of the plan is to do a very simple page forward to a account as of May 1st. Pointing your browser at will still work, but for a short while, my domain will exist only to forward everyone to a temporary location.

I say “temporary” because as I make plans for the end of FTP support on Blogger, I’m learning how to use WordPress to build a brand new site (one that will hopefully look much more attractive than this Blogger-based site). That leads me into the second part of my plan — to build a new WordPress site that I hope will launch in May.

Wish me luck.

Chris Talbot