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Gaming season is coming

As the days and nights (especially the nights) start to cool down a bit, I’m starting to look ahead to more indoor activities and fewer outdoor activities. Although I do have one more camping trip planned for the summer (in September), I’m not really outfitted for four-season camping, so I stay closer to home and occupy my mind with sedentary pursuits. One of those pursuits is tabletop gaming of various types.

Much as I love video games, my real gaming love is tabletop gaming — board games, hex-and-counter war games, card games and (yes, I’m a geek) roleplaying games. After a visit to a couple of gaming stores on the weekend, I’ve been thinking more and more about tabletop gaming, especially RPGs. In fact, I’ll be running a Delta Green game tonight for a couple of friends to introduce them to the setting. Regular RPGing will resume a couple of weeks after Labour Day.

Typically what happens is I spend the fall, winter and early spring playing games on a fairly regular basis, and then I go into a summer hiatus, focusing more on my outdoor hobbies and pastimes. It’s been happening that way for the better part of my adult life, and I don’t see the cycle changing any time soon.

So bring on gaming season! The summer is near its end.

Beer In Canada – Episode 1: Lake of Bays Pale Ale

There are some great beer review video series on YouTube, but most of them focus on U.S. or international beers. My guest host and I offer a freshly Canadian perspective on beer reviews, but we also talk about beer in general, brewing, types of malts and some of the aspects of beer styles (in this case, pale ales).

Homebrewing: Tasting the T&E IPA

Chris Talbot